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  • 45 Million

GDP in 2016

  • $93.27 Billion USD

HIV Statistics

Number of people living with HIV (all ages)
Deaths due to AIDS (all ages)
Number of orphans due to AIDS (0 – 17)
Estimated antiretroviral treatment coverage (adults ages 15+)
Estimated percentage of pregnant women living with HIV who receive antiretroviral medications for PMTCT

More about the work we do in Ukraine

Since 2000, international support to reform the country’s healthcare sector has been ongoing, with USAID a key funder of programmes supporting the prevention of infectious diseases.

In July 2017 EQUIP Right to Care launched a Hepatitis C (HIV Co-Infection) demonstration project. Phase 1 of the programme was successfully conducted with internal capacity and resource assessments completed on six selected treatment facilities and community based testing sites located in Kyiv and Poltava. These assessments were conducted in collaboration with local implementing partners; Alliance for Public Health and the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, to ensure all selected sites will be ready to commence on schedule with Phase 2 of EQUIP’s Hepatitis C demonstration project.

About Ukraine

Bridging Europe and Eurasia, Ukraine’s geography makes it central to regional stability and security. Today’s Ukraine struggles to unify with its western neighbors by pursuing pro-European reforms while staving off Russian-backed separatists fighting within its eastern borders.

Ukraine has the highest burden of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and one of the highest rates of Multi-Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) in the world.

Ukraine in the news

Direct-Acting Antivirals for HIV/HCV Co-Infected

Oct 31st, 2017|Comments Off on Direct-Acting Antivirals for HIV/HCV Co-Infected

EQUIP local implementing partner in Ukraine, Alliance for Public Health, is implementing Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAA)-based Hepatitis C treatment for more than 1,500 HIV/HCV co-infected and HCV mono-infected key populations across the country. Alliance for Public Health [...]

Partnerships in Ukraine

Oct 30th, 2017|Comments Off on Partnerships in Ukraine

EQUIP is proud to introduce our Hepatitis C Demonstration Project partner, the Public Health Center of  Ukraine . As a state institution under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, their priorities are to: promote public health [...]

Community Based ART

Oct 18th, 2017|Comments Off on Community Based ART

Significant improvements have been made worldwide in terms of people receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART), but the reality remains that 3 in 5 people living with HIV are not receiving ART [2013]. Let's look at the [...]