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Population and GDP

  • 11,8 Million

GDP in 2016

  • $3.01 Billion USD

HIV Statistics

Number of people living with HIV (all ages)
Deaths due to AIDS (all ages)
Number of orphans due to AIDS (0 – 17)
Estimated antiretroviral treatment coverage (adults ages 15+)
Estimated percentage of pregnant women living with HIV who receive antiretroviral medications for PMTCT

More about the work we do in Burundi

Focus areas include the new treatment modalities of rapid Test & Start roll-out support pharmaceutical supply chain management assessments, and defining an optimal differentiated model of ART delivery with a focus on multi-month scripting and dispensing at facility and community level. Ongoing strategies and technologies are being developed to produce more efficient increases in HIV testing, higher numbers being initiated on ART, long-term retention on ART and viral load suppression in both children and adults being EQUIP’s measurement of success.EQUIP provides innovative approaches that support the rapid scale-up of viral load monitoring. A demonstration project is also underway in Burundi to test the viability of introducing HIV self-testing.

About Burundi

Burundi is a small landlocked country (27,830 sq.km) which is one of the five poorest countries in the world. Nearly 64.9% of the population live below the poverty line. Burundi remains one of the least developed countries in the world with alarming levels of hunger and malnutrition. According to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization, more than 40 percent of Burundi’s population is facing chronic or acute food insecurity, including 2.3 million who are severely food insecure. This is exacerbated by an economic crisis, which was triggered by the political crisis of 2015. Burundi’s health system suffers from a lack of adequate infrastructure and human resources to meet urgent community health needs.

Burundi in the news

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About Burundi

Sep 14th, 2017|Comments Off on About Burundi

Burundi is a small landlocked country (27,830 sq.km) and one of the five poorest countries in the world. It is also the second most densely populated country in Africa (with approximately 11.18 million people - [...]

  • Road between Burundi Gitega and Bujumbura

Burundi – Social and Economics

Sep 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Burundi – Social and Economics

Social Context Poverty still affects a major part of Burundi’s population. Food insecurity is alarming as the country ranks the lowest position in the 2013 Global Hunger Index. Almost one in two households (around 4.6 [...]