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The stories we share with you from EQUIP use powerful statistics​, communicate our progress​ and bring to life a human interest lead with a personal narrative.

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Implementation Capacity Assessment Tool

Oct 30th, 2017|Equip Health|

Dr. Arthi Ramkissoon, Executive Director, MatCH – an EQUIP consortium partner Dr. Miranda Moloto, Regional Technical Specialist, Treatment and Care, EQUIP Central   The EQUIP-developed Rapid Implementation Capacity Assessment (ICA) tool enables PEPFAR countries to quickly establish a robust baseline of information that can help health planners to assess health systems capacity and develop appropriate [...]

HIV Prevalence in Uganda

Oct 30th, 2017|Equip Health|

KEY POINTS: While there have been increased efforts to scale up treatment initiatives in Uganda there are still many people living with who do not have access to the medicines they need. Punitive laws and stigmatising attitudes towards sex workers, people who inject drugs and men who have sex with men has meant that these [...]

HIV Prevalence in Nigeria

Oct 30th, 2017|Nigeria|

Nigeria has the second largest HIV epidemic in the world and has one of the highest new infection rates in sub-Saharan Africa. Many people living with HIV in Nigeria are unaware of their status due to the country falling short providing the recommended number of HIV testing and counselling sites. Low access of antiretroviral treatment [...]

HIV positive Nigerian Women Finds Happiness

Oct 30th, 2017|Nigeria|

Mercy Egbejule, a Nigerian woman living with HIV, has come a long way since she tested positive for HIV in 2003. Mercy recently married a man who is also HIV-positive, and is looking forward to sharing her life with him. She says that finding someone “with whom together we can fight HIV/AIDS is a big [...]

Reaching Men

Oct 30th, 2017|Equip Health|

The sexual health needs of men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly men who identify as straight but engage in same-sex sexual practices, are notoriously neglected, making them a most-at-risk group (MARP), or key population in the HIV epidemic. Anova Health Institute, an EQUIP consortium partner, pioneered the Health4Men initiative as one of the [...]

Rapid Assessment Clinical Facilities

Oct 23rd, 2017|Equip Health|

EQUIP conducts rapid assessment of health facilities in HIV treatment, prevention and care to better understand the barriers to providing and/or expanding high quality HIV care and treatment services. Selected sites across EQUIP supported countries are assessed and an Implement Capacity Assessment (ICA) tool is developed, along with a Walk-through Checklist and Community Liaison Interview Guide. Analysis of [...]

Protocols and Procedures

Oct 23rd, 2017|Equip Health|

The differences and relationships between a protocol and procedure. Protocol is a word that is mostly heard in relation with diplomacy and bureaucracy. It is similar in meaning to policy and procedures that are put in place to avoid chaos or ineffective operations at facility level. Foreign offices, Ministries of Health and local implementation partners [...]

  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

Oct 23rd, 2017|Equip Health|

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an evidence-based HIV prevention strategy that complements existing HIV prevention programmes, particularly among key populations where the risk of infection is significantly higher. PrEP is a medication which, when taken daily, can protect those who are not HIV positive avoid HIV infection. Although multiple countries have provided the necessary regulatory guidance [...]

Multi Month Scripting and Dispensing

Oct 23rd, 2017|Equip Health|

Multi Month Scripting and Dispensing (MMSD) is an EQUIP programme that seeks to address retention and adherence support. This method of differentiated ART delivery supports countries by decreasing the burden on health facilities while increasing HIV/AIDS treatment initiation, patient retention and disease suppression. BY identifying the total number of newly identified HIV positive patients starting [...]

Key Populations

Oct 20th, 2017|Equip Health|

Understanding key populations, and the global burden of HIV among them, helps EQUIP to better strategise on the most effective programme response to address the HIV epidemic in EQUIP supported countries. Key populations include people who inject drugs men who have sex with men transgender persons sex workers prisoners. Around the world, key populations face [...]