Multi-Month Scripting and Dispensing

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  • HIV Research assistants use smart technology to data capture

Using Technology to Data Capture

In Zambia, an EQUIP supported country, EQUIP research assistance Chitalu Mpanda captures Beauty'sĀ information usingĀ a SIM-enabled tablet. This smart technology tracks, stores and sends information for real time data capture. Collected over a number of months, this information will provide evidence-based criteria for understanding benefits and challenges associated with multi-month dispensing (MMD) - a key focus [...]

Dec 17th, 2017|Equip Health, Zambia|

Innovating Pharmacy Dispensing

Access to treatment will be now be made easier for people living with HIV/Aids as they will soon be able to collect their medicine at shopping malls thanks to the introduction of special ATM machines. The machines, or rather pharmacy dispensing units, are equipped to dispense medication and are set to be rolled out at [...]

Oct 30th, 2017|Equip Health|

Multi Month Scripting and Dispensing

Multi Month Scripting and Dispensing (MMSD) is an EQUIP programme that seeks to address retention and adherence support. This method of differentiated ART delivery supports countries by decreasing the burden on health facilities while increasing HIV/AIDS treatment initiation, patient retention and disease suppression. BY identifying the total number of newly identified HIV positive patients starting [...]

Oct 23rd, 2017|Equip Health|