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Community Based ART

Significant improvements have been made worldwide in terms of people receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART), but the reality remains that 3 in 5 people living with HIV are not receiving ART [2013]. Let's look at the numbers and the strategy of community based ART, and how EQUIP provides this as a core programmatic service to to help [...]

Insights – HIV and Adolescents

Dr. Miranda Moloto, Regional Technical Specialist,Treatment and Care, EQUIP Central “What did I hear at the SA AIDS Conference 2017? Adolescents, adolescents, adolescents. The plenary session set the scene with young people expressing clearly what matters to them. Imagine all the issues that teenagers have to deal with … hormones, sex, self-esteem … and then add [...]

Jun 27th, 2017|Equip Health|