Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an evidence-based HIV prevention strategy that complements existing HIV prevention programmes, particularly among key populations where the risk of infection is significantly higher. PrEP is a medication which, when taken daily, can protect those who are not HIV positive avoid HIV infection.

Although multiple countries have provided the necessary regulatory guidance for PrEP, few have the necessary implementation or operational strategies in place necessary to effectively roll out PrEP.

EQUIP works closely with local implementing partners, health care providers and community members to design and implement PrEP demonstration projects that are appropriate to local structures and sensitive to client needs.

The EQUIP programme leverages consortium partner, Anova Health Institutes’s PrEP implementation experience from South Africa and integrates international best practices into the design and implementation of EQUIP-supported PrEP programmes internationally.

The first EQUIP-supported PrEP demonstration project launched in Namibia in 2017 and supports three sites, providing PrEP for up to 1000 sex workers and men who have sex with men through the Society of Family Health and the Walvis Bay Coordinator Group. Strong evaluation and economic costing have been included so that outputs from this project can better inform the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services with future PrEP roll out.

EQUIP is actively working with other countries to support the design and implementation of future PrEP programmes with active strategies in place for both Haiti and Zambia.