EQUIP’s work in providing technical assistance and support to meet UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets in Africa will be featured at the 22nd International Aids Conference (AIDS 2018) in Amsterdam from 23 -27 July 2018. Our specialists will deliver 30 presentations covering their experiences in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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EQUIP presentations




Poster Exhibition Prioritizing healthcare facilities for on-site mentorship to increase HIV treatment uptake: results from EQUIP Health
Poster Exhibition Economic evaluation of HIV self-testing in outpatient departments in Malawi: results from EQUIP health
Oral presentation Monitoring viral load for the last mile: what will it cost?
Poster Discussion


Optimizing access for the last mile: Geospatial cost model for point of care

viral load instrument placement in Zambia

Oral Presentation Quick & cheaper: a comparison of patient costs and distance to access care through differentiated models of antiretroviral treatment delivery in Zimbabwe.
Poster Exhibition Assessing stability criteria for eligibility into differentiated art delivery models among Community ART refill groups (CARGS) in Zimbabwe.
Poster Exhibition Supporting Antiretroviral Therapy Multi-Month Scripting and Dispensing at Facilities in Zimbabwe: Effect on Supply Chain Management
Poster Exhibition Assessment of Barriers Towards Achieving The 3rd 90: Experiences from Midlands Province in Zimbabwe. Results from EQUIP
Poster Exhibition Barriers and facilitators to consistent engagement in HIV care under Test and Treat in Malawi
Poster Exhibition (Accepted also for INTEREST) Expert clients are associated with improved client tracing among HIV-positive adults who struggle to engage in ART under Test and Treat in Malawi
Poster Exhibition Teen Club Uptake and Viral Load Suppression Among HIV-positive Malawian Youth
Poster Exhibition Blood pressure can kill you tomorrow but HIV gives you time: Illness perceptions among HIV-infected individuals with hypertension
Poster Exhibition High rates of successful tracing and re-engagement in HIV care using Expert Clients in Malawi
Poster Exhibition Perceived acceptability of a facility-based HIV self-test intervention in outpatient waiting-spaces among adults in Malawi: a formative study
Oral Presentation Facility-based HIV self-testing for outpatients dramatically increases HIV testing in Malawi: a cluster randomized trial
Poster Exhibition Substantial hypertension care-seeking costs for patients on ART in Malawi: A survey of patients receiving treatment for HIV at an integrated care site
Poster Exhibition Undiagnosed heart disease in a cohort of Malawian HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy
Poster Exhibition Characteristics of adults in Malawi and Zambia eligible for 6-monthly antiretroviral therapy refills: the INTERVAL study
Poster Exhibition Reaching the third 90 with a simple viral load quality improvement program in health facilities in Malawi
Poster Exhibition Facility-based HIV self-testing in Malawi: an assessment of characteristics and concerns among clients who opt-out of testing
Poster Exhibition Partner-delivered HIV self-testing increases the perceived acceptability of index partner testing among HIV-positive clients in Malawi
Poster Exhibition Being healthy’ as a factor for both accepting and refusing to initiate ART: qualitative study in the era of Test and Treat in Mozambique
Poster Exhibition Barriers and facilitators to the uptake of universal treatment in Mozambique: a qualitative study on patient and provider perceptions
Poster Exhibition Retention on ART during Universal Test and Treat implementation in Zomba District, Malawi
Poster Exhibition Reaching the second 90: improving coverage of paediatric ART uptake and quality of care using a technical assistance strategy at 46 health facilities in Haiti
Poster Exhibition Improving HIV testing services at selected USAID-funded sites in Haiti: strategies, lessons learned and implications for the National AIDS Control Program
Oral Presentation Cost and impact of PrEP implementation in Haiti to adopt WHO recommendations: Results from EQUIP
Poster Exhibition Qualitative study on the providers’ perspectives regarding access to HIV care and treatment of migrants between Lesotho and South Africa
Poster Exhibition The benefits and utility of surge strategies with HIV-positive patient tracing exercises: the Zomba, Malawi experience
Poster Exhibition Improving retention, viral suppression, and facility decongestion through community-based individual drug distribution (PODIs) in DRC
Poster Exhibition Acceptability of community differentiated models of care: A patient and service provider’s perspective on Community ART Refill Groups in Zimbabwe
Poster exhibition The importance of establishing Baseline Data for Viral Load Testing Scale Up – Laboratory Assessments Zambia Experience