Health economics, and its application the health sector, helps manage health institutions and health delivery systems efficiently. It is concerned with the alternative uses of resources in the health services sector and with the efficient utilisation of economic resources such as Human resource, material and financial resources. 

In context of Health Economics services that EQUIP supports PEPFAR countries with, technical and administrative support is provided in the areas of healthcare costing/financing, economic analysis, as well as broader health systems strengthening activities related to health sector planning and policy development.  Annual resource mobilizations are tracked in support of implementation of the national strategic plans to address HIV and AIDS through preventing the maximum number of new infections, reducing HIV/AIDS related morbidity and mortality, reducing the impact of the disease on individuals, families, society, businesses, and ensuring good governance and systems strengthening for program implementation. Budgeting and financial cycles respectively in the Ministries of Plan and Finance ensure that projections of recurrent cost implications of the national HIV/AIDS program are duly considered well ahead of time before a national budget is finalised.