Living a Better Life on ART

“The nets have improved. My life has improved. Life is good!”   John Connelly of the EQUIP Right to Care country program in Malawi had the opportunity to interview Felix Mnthali Mswayo in Kambiro-Mbiro, on the shore of Lake Malawi, near Chitimba Village (at the base of Livingsotnia, Malawi). This story of hope must be spread far [...]

Nov 30th, 2017|Equip Health, Malawi|

A closer look at Capacity Building

Capacity Building, a core EQUIP  service offered as a rapid response support mechanism to Ministries of Health and in-country local implementing partners, strengthens the human and institutional capacity. It also works to strengthen the linkages between Government departments and supports them to effectively deliver public health services . Community health workers and other public servants [...]

Malita’s story of hope

“1,178 Malawi kwacha. That’s how much I make every day,” Ms. Malita Misivisi stated. “In return, I cut 53 kilos of fresh tea leaves.” She smiled. For $1.60, this HIV+ mother of four, harvests 116 pounds of tea, tossing it over her shoulder into a homemade basket strapped to her back, every day. “During the day [...]

Sep 14th, 2017|Equip Health, Malawi|
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About Malawi

The Southern African nation of Malawi is bordered by Mozambique to the south and west, Zambia to the east, and Tanzania to the north. As of 2015, it has an estimated population of 17.2 million. With the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, Malawi has been able to make important [...]

Sep 14th, 2017|Equip Health, Malawi|