Our Mission

EQUIP exists as an effective, efficient response mechanism to achieving global HIV epidemic control by delivering the right intervention at the right place, right now, in the right way.

Our commitment is that by 2020 90% of all people

  • Living with HIV should KNOW THEIR HIV STATUS
  • Positively diagnosed should be LINKED TO ANTIRETROVIRAL TREATMENT AND CARE
  • Receiving antiretroviral therapy should be VIRALLY SUPPRESSED

Our Vision

To make a meaningful contribution to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, by ensuring universal access to HIV treatment and prevention in EQUIP-supported countries, implementing HIV Test and Start policies that provide effective linkages to care and simplify treatment.

The EQUIP strategy is focused on solution areas that directly impact PEPFAR targets to expand treatment with cost effective interventions, including:

  • Support for Test & Start including rapid roll-out, capacity readiness assessment and costing.
  • Differentiated Models of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Delivery with focus on Multi-Month Scripting and Dispensing at both facility and community level.
  • Strategies and technologies for more efficient increases of HIV Testing Yield, Initiation on ART, Retention on ART, and Viral Suppression for both Children and Adults.
  • Treatment approaches that efficiently respond to the needs of Key Populations.
  • Innovative approaches to Support the Rapid Scale up of Viral Load Monitoring.