Anova Health Institute

The Anova Health Institute is dedicated to improving health with emphasis on HIV-related services for key and priority populations. Known for its innovative HIV responses, Anova’s Health4Men Initiative is at the forefront of developing appropriate linkages to health services and information for men who have sex with men (MSM).

Anova Health Institute is the country-lead for Namibia and its contribution to the EQUIP consortium is focused primarily on PrEP and enabling successful care and treatment approaches that respond to the needs of Key Populations.


Kheth’Impilo specializes in solution development and implementation for the treatment, care and support for people infected and affected by HIV health. The organization also provides strengthening of community systems and services in marginalized communities.

Kheth’Impilo was a finalist in the South Africa Innovations Award and positioned as a leader in public health innovation, being one of the few organisations that have successfully integrated Health, Welfare and Education to provide a holistic approach.
Kheth’Impilo is the country-lead in Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Burund.


As a division of the Wits Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd, a leading academic institute, MatCH focus on maternal, adolescent and child health. MatCH is committed to supporting the millennium development goals aimed at gender equity, maternal and child health and combatting HIV. MatCH supports health systems strengthening which includes service delivery, capacity building and technical support.

MatCH offers technical assistance particularly for EQUIP specifically in our work with women and young women and is the country-lead in Haiti, Ghana and Tanzania.

Partners in Hope

Founded in Malawi in 2001, Partners in HOPE offer a dynamic and holistic approach to HIV/AIDS – improving physical infrastructure, laboratory capacity, referral mechanisms and the clinical skills of health workers. By improving the capacity of healthcare systems that deliver HIV/AIDS care, Partners in Hope can improve the quality and efficiency of care, and workforce training and development.

For Equip, Partners in HOPE focus on the roll-out of Test & Start and specifically initiatives to expand HIV testing for hard to reach populations in Malawi and Mozambique.

Right to Care

Right to Care brings over 15 years of experience in supporting and delivering prevention, care, and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases. Right to Care works with government and communities to find pioneering solutions to build and strengthen public health care. Constructed on an entrepreneurial culture, the organization focuses on innovation and the use of technology to enhance services, address skills shortages and deliver results.

Right to Care is the country-lead in Uganda, Zambia, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Ukraine, Lesotho.